One single business:
Life Sciences insurance broker.

BiomedicInsure is an insurance broker dedicated to medication and other healthcare products companies.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing deep changes. It is searching for new models of development, organisation and marketing for its products and healthcare services.
In this changing environment, our team brings our customers its experience, know-how and high innovation potential.

Developing, producing and marketing healthcare products presents specific risks.
Our objective is to build with you a "Risk Management and Insurance" strategy to cover all your risk exposures and financially secure your business.

For more than 20 years, our customers in France and abroad trust BiomedicInsure risk management specialists.

Our expertise as Life Sciences insurance broker enables us to answer to the needs of:

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Medical equipment and medical device laboratories
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Sub-contract manufacturers
  • Dermo-cosmetic laboratories
  • Food supplement laboratories

and widely cover their risks including biomedical research (clinical trials).


Clinical trials are still waiting for decree concerning the implementation of the new law in Morocco
Adopted on May 2015, the law on clinical trial is not in force yet , due to the lack of implementation decrees. The scientific communauty condemns this delay, which stops the launch of new clinical tr  
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